New Moon Twilight Robert Pattinson Shark Tooth Necklace

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* Gift for your vamp sweetheart
* Symbolizes the mortal life Robert leads
* Your definitive undead fashion statement
* Add a little bite to your dark and daring look
* Vamp up your look with what Robert wears out of character


"Twilight" and "New Moon" star Robert Pattinson's display of protruding teeth extend beyond his vampire wardrobe. The dreamy vampire himself has been bitten by a sharp-toothed trend not of Gothic magnitude but that of another breed of frightening predator. What is this other slayer? What's more frightening than your worst nightmare marauder? It is the killer shark! Like vamps lying in waiting in dark and gloomy Forks, Washington, killer sharks lurk in very wet and shadowy depths of the ominous ocean.

Why has Robert, who plays the character Edward Cullen, donned himself with a shark tooth necklace? Could it be the uncanny similarities and connection of his role as a vamp to a shark?

* Both vampires and sharks are nocturnal.
* Vampires and sharks are attracted to blood.
* Sharks stalk from dusk till dawn as do vampires.
* Both rely on enhanced senses to help them navigate.
* Sharks and vampires have qualities that make them superb hunters.
* Both have an acute sense of hearing and can hear prey many miles away.

How did Robert come across the shark tooth necklace he wears? At a recent photo shoot in Los Angeles, the actor was attracted to a gold shark tooth necklace that stylist Deb Watson was wearing. She had also brought one for him to wear during the shoot. Later that day, he expressed an interest in owning one and asked if he could purchase it. The 18-carat gold large Mako shark tooth on a leather cord is available from Finn Jewelry for $975.00. There is also an 18-carat gold baby Mako tooth on a cotton cord for $450.00. Item for offer is not the Finn gold tooth but rather a real adult Mako shark tooth.


This is a real Mako shark tooth necklace. The tooth is an adult Mako lateral tooth and measures approximately 1 inch long. The tooth comes on an adjustable waxed cotton cord. The adjustment is made by two slider knots located on both sides of the necklace. This makes for a perfect fit for any outfit. Comes with your choice of a black or beige cord. Please be aware that the item offered is for a real shark tooth necklace and not a gold shark tooth necklace.


Wearing the wrong length necklace with a particular neckline is probably the most common mistake people make when it comes to wearing jewelry. So... that's why we make this necklace adjustable.


The necklace is waterproof and can be worn swimming and at the beach. Rain and swimming will not harm the necklace.