A Design It Yourself Coconut Shell Necklace 8 mm

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Why design your own island style necklace?

    Express Your Individuality & Style!
    Your Design | Your Style | Your Look | Your Colors | Your Length

     Unique, Thoughtful, One of a Kind, and Personal Gift Idea!

     You Design it | We Hand Make it on Maui in Hawaii!

Have you been endlessly searching for the perfect necklace? Express your own island style by design, not by default. It’s all about what you want! You are limited only by your imagination. Bask in the creative glow that comes from custom making your own necklaces. What a fun way to design a true original, stand-out-from-the-crowd piece of jewelry.

Do you want a thoughtful, unique, one of a kind gift that’s just the right present for that special someone? Feel the elation that comes from giving the perfect gift. When you personalize a very special gift for someone you let them know you were thinking enough about them to go the extra mile. They’ll feel joy when they receive it. She or he will remember your gift and talk about it for years to come.

Create a personalized island style necklace of your own unique design in less than 5 minutes. Simply watch the video or follow the 10 easy and simple steps below. Give it a try today!

We suggest you copy and print out the instructions below using a note pad or Microsoft word.

How To Design A Coconut Necklace

1)  Create a folder and name it "My Designs".
Right click on your desktop and click on New then choose Folder and name it My Designs.

2)  Click on the "Coconut Necklace Designer" image below. After the larger image loads up right click it and click on "Save image as..." and save it to your "My Designs" folder located on your desktop. Then click on your browsers go back button to return to the previous page.

3)  Next, choose the beads you'd like to use to design your necklace. We recommend choosing 2 or 3 colors. Right click on the beads you'd like to use and click on "Save image as..."    and save them to your "My Designs" folder. Do this for 1 Bead, 3 Beads, and 1" of Beads for each color you'd like to use.

4)  Next, right click on the 3rd image below (Photo Editor Made Easy) and open link in new tab or open link in new window. Pixlr may ask for permission to use Flash.Grant permission.

5)  Now that you are in the Pixlr online editor click on "OPEN PHOTO" and go to your  "My Designs" folder and click on the "Coconut Necklace Designer" image to open it first.
This is where you'll design your necklace. Pixlr is safe and free to use on line and there is no log in or registration required.

6)  Now go to the bottom icon on the left, the one with the mountains and sun, and click to open the "Click or Drop" panel. Go up to "Click or Drop" and click to start adding beads from your design folder. Once you've added a bead(s), click and hold on the bead(s) and drag it to either the Center or Sides section of the Designer Board. The Center section is for the pattern you create for the center of your necklace and the Sides is for the pattern you create to be used on both sides of your necklace.

7)  Continue adding the bead(s) to the Design board you'd like use in your necklace and complete your design.

8) Once your necklace design is complete, save it by clicking on the blue SAVE button. Replace the file name (Coconut_Necklace_Designer) with your first name and last initial.
Choose FILE TYPE - JEP. Choose QUALITY - HIGH 100%. Then SAVE to you "My Designs" folder.

9)  Go back to the order page and choose your length. Then add to cart. Shop some more if you'd like, we certainly would also like that, then checkout.

10) After checking out click on the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page and click on Sales@kkpacific.com, in line 1),  to send us your design. Enter Your first name and last initial in the subject field. Click on attach, usually a paper clip, and attach your saved design image and send us the email.

Color 1 Bead 3 Beads 1" of Beads

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