Tiger Shark Tooth Necklace Fossil Design

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Your large fossil Tiger shark tooth necklace is custom-sized and made to order on Maui, Hawaii. We use black & silver bead accents for a cool look. The "one size fits all" cord allows you to adjust the necklace to any length up to 30 inches and is great for different outfits. We make the necklace with slider knots to accomplish this.


The Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is one of the largest sharks, and is common in the mid-Pacific region. The Tiger Shark hunts alone and gets its name from the dark stripes across its back, which fade as the shark grows older. It is a deadly predator known for eating a wide, and legendary, variety of things. The Tiger Shark is the species known for being found with license plates or pieces of old tires in its digestive tract. It has a very large mouth, with powerful jaws. Its teeth are flat, triangular, notched and serrated and can slice right through many things. When a tiger shark loses one of its teeth, it will grow another one to replace the lost or broken tooth. Its head is somewhat wedge-shaped which makes it easy for the shark to turn quickly to one side. It can weigh up to 1 ton (2,200 pounds), on average, and is usually 3 to 5 meters long (10 to 16 feet), but can grow up to 7 meters long (23 feet). It has a long upper tail lobe that helps to provide lift and its sudden bursts of speed.