Tiger Puka Shell Necklace - Small Shells

Brand: kkPacific


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These tiger puka shells are irregular in shape and have mostly brown stripes on them. They are smaller than normal puka shells, approximately 6-7 mm. They make a wonderful gift of love for your "ipo" (sweetheart). Hawaiians have used Puka shells in jewelry for centuries, for both ceremonial and everyday adornment and by surfers as early as the '50s. You will still find sand embedded in our pukas, cemented there by the sea. Each necklace is unique and individual given nature's sand and sea idiosyncrasies. Your necklace is made in Hawaii on the island of Maui with much Aloha and magic. We take special care in creating your Puka-Shell necklace so that it is "No Ka O`I" (the best).