Shark Tooth Necklace Kobe Nike Fossil Sand Tiger

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Kobe means tortoise in the Swahili language from the East African Coast. Nike means victory in Greek and is the Greek Mythology goddess of victory. Both Nike & Kobe are 1st names in their respective languages. Since ancient Hawaiian times, the men of Hawaii have worn the tooth of their protector - 'aumakua. The shark is also known as mano. The shark tooth is approx 3/4 inch long and is string on a black wax cotton 2mm cord which is adjustable. The shark tooth necklace fits perfectly by sliding the side knots to adjust. These fossil teeth are approx 50 to 65 million years old. This is how a fossil is formed: 1. An animal dies. Fossils form best if the carcass is covered quickly with sediment (water and mud). 2. The flesh rots away, and the bones are slowly covered with layered sediment. 3. "Per mineralization" occurs if some or all of the original material remains, but has been strengthened by minerals that were dissolved in the water that soaked into the bony structure. 4. "Petrifaction" occurs if water that contained minerals soaks into the pores of the bony structure, entirely replacing them with minerals. 5. "Weathering" Earth movements and/or erosion, cause the fossil to become exposed. Whatever color of the minerals in the sediment that covers the animal is the color the fossil will become! These shark teeth have been residing in magnesia, carbon, iron, and silicon dioxide and are black to dark gray.