Reggae Necklace from Maui, Hawaii - Bamboo & Coconut

Brand: kkPacific


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Reggae Rasta Necklace

Bamboo & Coconut reggae Rasta surf style necklace from Maui Hawaii. Custom handmade to your length specifications. Made from small 4-5 mm burned pattern bamboo and Rasta color coconut beads. Please enter length above.

Did you know?

Did you know Japanese artist have been singing reggae music as long as Jamaicans have been exporting it? This phenomenon began in1979 when Bob Marley played in Japan for the 1st time. Combining Japan and reggae music may seem strange, after all Japan and Jamaica do not have much in common. Rastafarian religious beliefs are not practiced in Japan since most Japanese are not religious. Jamaican reggae concerns itself primarily with themes that are not common in Japanese pop music like racism and poverty. Still, Japanese performers punctuate their lyrics with Jamaican patois and use dance hall reggae digital "riddims" (rhythms). As for reggae fashion style, kids mix reggae colors of red and green and gold into boutique outfits. Here is a necklace from Maui, Hawaii to throw into the mix.