Mako Shark Tooth Necklace, Grecian Style

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Large Modern lateral Mako shark tooth. Tooth width may vary. Custom-sized and made to order on Maui, Hawaii. We use bone bead accents for a Grecian look. The "one size fits all" cord allows you to adjust the necklace to any length up to 30 inches and is great for different outfits. We make the necklace with slider knots to accomplish this.


The Short Fin Mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus (Rafinesque, 1810), aka Mako, Short fin, Short-finned Mako, Blue pointer, Mackerel shark is a truly beautiful animal. It is a well-adapted and active pelagic shark. Like its cousin, the Great White, it keeps its body temperature warmer than the surrounding water temperature using a high metabolic rate and heat-exchange system. It has a remarkable swim speed reaching sustained speeds of 35 kph (with bursts over 80 kph) and has been known to travel over 2,092 km in little over a month. These sharks have a rapid growth rate, twice as fast as some of the other Lamnidae species. Males mature at around 2 m while females mature at about 2.6 m. A maximum length of 4 m long and max weight over 505.8 kg has been recorded. There are two types of Mako, the most common and widely spread is the Shortfin mako, Isurus oxyrinchus, and the less common and more specialized Longfin Mako (or Big-eye mako), Isurus paucus. Makos represent the largest, fastest most sophisticated species of pelagic shark on the planet.