Hawaiian Opihi Necklace

Brand: kkPacific


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'Opihi are a prized delicacy in the Hawaiian islands, selling for up to $225 a gallon, and collecting enough for a lu'au can be a dangerous task. With a squat, dome-shaped shell, the 'opihi can deflect pounding waves powerful enough to sweep an unwary picker out to sea. Literally, dozens of pickers are swept into the sea and killed every year, some never to be seen again leaving nothing but a parked truck near the shore, and maybe a sharp 'opihi knife and bag on a rock near the treacherous surf. Sure footing, a good grip and vigilance are essential when picking 'opihi as well as someone watching from above. All 'opihi shells, like a whale's tail or a fingerprint, are unique and no 2 are alike. The raw 'opihi shell is sanded and polished to create a unique 1 of a kind pendant. This necklace comes with a polished 'opihi shell approximately 1 " to 2" high and on an adjustable, one size fits all, waxed cotton cord.