Coconut Shell Beaded Necklace, 'Koa Ele Ele'. As Seen in the Movie 'Be Cool'

Brand: kkPacific


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Coconut shell beaded necklace

The ancient Hawaiians created jewelry with natural materials such as shells. This inspired us to create this trendy design. It is crafted by hand with 8-9 mm discs carved from coconut shell. Each shell bead and koa bead is threaded by hand creating a striking blend of shades. Rich brown koa beads accent the black ('Ele Ele') necklace, producing the stunning contrast. Maui made and custom sized to fit perfectly.

Seen in the movie 'Be Cool'

If you have seen the movie 'Be Cool', you may remember the scene where Christina Milian is sitting at a piano serenading Uma Thurman and John Travolta, all mock serious Alicia Keys-style. She is so good even the face-painted break-dance crew stop to nod their heads in earnestness "cuz they are feelin' it". In a close up of one of the break dancers is our kkPacific exclusive coconut shell original.