Carved Koa & Bone Fish Hook Necklace, 'Koa Iwi Iki'.

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'Koa Iwi Iki' means "small Koa (wood)one" in Hawaiian.his composite hook is a representation of the large Hawaiian shark hook made from a wooden shank and a bone point. The shank is fairly straight with little curve. When lashed to the shank, the bone point is also of the straight variety. This is the style of hook the Hawaiians would use to catch shark. Fish hooks perpetuate the Hawaiian way of life through contemporary jewelry. Ancient Hawaiians believed that a bone necklace takes on part of the spirit of those who wear it. In this way, it becomes a spiritual link and should be handed down. The necklace becomes a spiritual link between people, spanning time and distance. A carving that has been worn by family members over many generations contains the spirit of all those people and is truly a great and powerful heirloom


Wearing the wrong length necklace with a particular neckline is probably the most common mistake people make when it comes to wearing jewelry. So... that's why we make this necklace adjustable.


Hook measures 21x52mm or approximately 3/4 inch x 2 inches. The shank is made from KOA (Acacia koa), also called KOA-KA or Hawaiian Mahogany. Color is light to dark brown with distinct golden luster, sometimes with irregular dark streaks.The hand carved bone point is from the water buffalo, also known as the carabao. The bone we use is from the femur or large upper thigh bone, which is very dense with little marrow and cartilage. This makes for a better bone substance for carving and results in a higher quality product. The edges are smoothly rounded and the entire piece has a highly polished luster and feels good to the touch. The high density and fine grain of the bone is what gives it the ability to hold such high gloss polish. Over time, your bone point will "pick up" sebum, your body's natural oil. This will result in the point slowly taking on a slight soft honey golden hue. The more color it develops the more highly it is treasured. After a while your hook will reflect your body's distinctive signature, thus creating a one-of-a-kind necklace. This is one of the great beauties of bone crafted jewelry.

Note: Live animals are not harmed in creating this carving.


Bone fish hook comes on a soft cotton linen beige woven cord. Necklace adjusts up to 28 inches. The adjustment is made with an oval white bone slider and 2 small round bone grips.To wear the necklace simply place the necklace over your head and then adjust the slider bead to the desired length. This makes for a perfect fit for any clothing style.


The necklace is waterproof and can be worn swimming and at the beach. Rain and swimming will not harm the carving. Swimming with the pendant and then allowing it to dry rapidly in the sun is not good for the carving until it has been worn for 6 months against the skin. Avoid sudden or extreme temperature changes. To keep the shine on you carving slightly buff with a soft cloth once in awhile.

Made on Maui.