Carved Bone Hawaiian Surf Wave Necklace, 'Nalu Ha'i'.

Brand: kkPacific


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Carved Bone Hawaiian 'Nalu Ha'i' (Breaking Wave) Adjustable Length Necklace

Each He'e Nalu (surf rider) pendant is hand carved. The front and back is rounded, detailed, and polished. Approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and 1/5" thick. The necklace comes on a 1-size fits all adjustable waterproof-waxed black or beige cotton cord.

The hand carved bone hook is from the water buffalo, also known as the carabao. The bone is from the femur or large upper thigh bone, which is very dense with little marrow and cartilage. This makes for a better bone substance for carving and results in a higher quality product.
Note: Animals are not harmed in the production of our jewelry.