Carved Bone Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins Necklace, 'Nai'a'.

Brand: kkPacific


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Each pair of dolphins, front and back, are hand carved, rounded, detailed, and polished. Made with natural cream color bone.'Nai'a Wai" means "dolphin" in Hawaiian. Dolphins use pectoral flippers to steer them through the water. They also use them to stroke one another, increasing the social bond between them. Dolphins that appear to be closely bonded may swim in synchrony, twisting, turning and swimming in perfect harmony together. Pendant measures 1 1/8" wide, 2" high, and 1/4" thick (29mm X 49mm X 6mm). Bone spinner dolphins come on 1-size fits all adjustable waterproof-waxed cotton cord. Your choice of black or beige. Made on Maui.