2 Replica Bone Fish Hook Necklaces Like Brother "IZ" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole wears and his best DVD!

The perfect gift for any Israel Kamakawiwo'ole fan. Comes with his best DVD and hand carved replicas of the bone fish hook necklaces he wears on the DVD.

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Set of 2 Carved bone fish hooks and bonus DVD

Hand carved Hawaiian bone fish hooks come on adjustable (one size fits all) black wax cotton cords. These are water proof and can be worn surfing at the beach. The left hook measures 1" x 1 1/2" and the right hook measures 1" x 2".

Bonus DVD - "IZ, The Man and His Music"

The performances captured on Island Music Island Hearts share moments with IZ as he joins friends at Waioli Tea House in Manoa Valley, performs with just his 'ukulele on beautiful Waimanalo Beach and in a concert among the pohaku at the historic Miloli'i fishing village on the island of Hawaii.

Review 'Phil Church, 10/08/2004

If you never knew who Israel Kamakawiwo'ole was, if you only just recently heard of him and you are here looking to find out more about him, you should start with this DVD. You will come to know him intimately. You will love his music even if you never gave Hawaiian music a thought before now. You will come to love this man, this remarkable human being, this wonderful one-of-a-kind person with a soul as deep as the ocean. Then, as I have, you will sincerely grieve his death, knowing you will not meet him n dis life. However, you will have a richer life for having enjoyed the memories saved on disc, and if you are lucky, perhaps you will go to Hawai'i and meet some people who knew him or who had the good fortune to have made music with him, but that is a close as we can get to him now. Braddah IZ, you are my brother. May the gods bless you and your family and friends forever.


E Ala E - Henehene Kou 'Aka - Kamalani - Men Who Ride Mountains - Green Rose Hula - White Sandy Beach - Maui Medley - Hokule'a Star of Gladness - Ua Mau - Margarita - Ka Pua U'i - Pupu o Ni'ihau - Hawai'i Aloha - Hawai'i 78